Welcome to The Lighthouse Hotel

The hotel is located on the highest point of the island providing breath-taking views of the Caribbean. Being in the heart of the island, we are equally distant from the quiet picturesque beaches of the north, the windy adventurous beaches of the east and the busy beaches in the village on the west.

Photo credit: John Morgan

If you’re after the chilled out Caribbean vibe then relax with us on our sun deck drinking cocktails, eating tapas and taking in the view. For the more adventurous, go scuba diving or kite surfing during the day and come back to climb the lighthouse behind the hotel for the only 360° overview on the island and the place to be to take in the sunset. For the early risers, lay in the hammock on your cabana’s balcony and watch the sunrise before taking a yoga class on our breezy deck for the perfect way to start the day. The late sleepers can enjoy the friendly vibe of our bar and meet people from all around the world and then switch to bar crawling “downtown”.


Our staff strives to make your stay unforgettable! We’ve been living on the island long enough to answer all of your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything; we want you to use your time for fun, not for seeking info!

So… When are you coming?



  1. If you keep looking at this website, you’ll have no option but to book a flight and come to visit us! (Be prepared!)
  2. If you stay at the Lighthouse, you’ll change your return flight to extend your stay. Make sure to buy an open ticket to save money. (Can’t say we didn’t warn you!)
  3. If you come here once, you’ll come back every year in the next decade and start having a weird accent. Let your family and friends know about your future Little Corn/Lighthouse addiction. (Next time they’ll join you, instead of scheduling an intervention!)