About Us

We left France in 2013 on a gap year to travel the world. Having travelled around Asia before heading West to Central America. Having never intended to visit Little Corn, we arrived and fell in love with the island. Having always had a dream of building our own hotel, we had found the perfect place on Little Corn Island.

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We returned to France to find the funds for our project and returned in 2014 with our building permit. The plan to build the highest hotel on the island with the best views seemed great in theory, however carrying 400 bags of sand, 40,000 feet of wood and everything needed for a hotel by hand, it was a big challenge.

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However being blessed with an amazing hard working crew and the motivation of fulfilling our dream we were able to complete the build in just over 4 months.

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Our future plan is not just to have a hotel on Little Corn Island, but to contribute to the further development of the island for the local community e.g. providing equipment for the school, funds for the clinic and the swamp.

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