Situated just in front of the bungalows is our restaurant, bar and sun deck. Come enjoy our food and drinks everyday with the gorgeous ocean view!



Award winning, English chef, Micky Simpson, designed our menu mixing local ingredients and international technics in order to offer the highest quality food for the best price on the island.

Follow him here: The Yogi and The Chef

We use the best and freshest ingredients available by sourcing locally as much as we can: for example, we buy our fish right on the beach (Kingfish, Jackfish, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi… who knows what the fisherman caught today?), greens are grown on an island farm or in our garden (basil, mint, lettuce, arugula, kale…) and the famous coconut bread is baked down street and delivered every morning.

We limit processed ingredients for more flavors and healthier meals. The buns of our delightful burgers are handmade from scratch. We also choose to grill most of them instead of frying them. For ethical reasons, we don’t buy any lobster during off-season (April – June).


Try our Specials!

We serve only tacos every Tuesday night during Taco Tuesday (fish, veggie, chicken, lobster), our most popular night. We warm up the barbecue on Sunday Fun Day to surprise you with an exciting, locally inspired menu. We love to organize community dinners to share a big pot of Rondon, a delicious Caribbean Fish soup, and scheduling Pop-Up Dinners when a chef comes visit us!

To put all this in a coconut shell, we are French and we do appreciate good food. We know what we’re doing!

Bon appetit! Sante!




Alcohol! Because no great Love story started with a salad.

This sentence is written on our bar’s back wall. We do believe that the bar is not only a wooden board but also the best opportunity to meet people from all around the world and make the difference between a nice and an unforgettable stay! Let’s go for Happy Hour so…

We use Flor de Cana rum, made in Nicaragua. It’s renowned as one of the best rums from Latin America, having won more than 150 international awards since 2000. It’s distilled 5 times during its production. The liquor is aged in a charred white oak barrel having previously been used to mature bourbon whiskey. What a great liquor to make cocktails!



Besides tasty food and drinks, we organize many events to entertain you! Live Music, Salsa classes, games… You’re never bored at the Lighthouse!