Contact & Reservations

Please book in advance to ensure we have cabin availability. We’re facing a high demand all year long. The earlier you book, the more chance you can book the nights you want!


Little Corn Island is a tiny remote sand patch 70 km off the coast of a developing country. While it’s a perfect opportunity to unplug and discover a new lifestyle, please keep in mind the following, so you don’t get surprised!

  1. There is no electricity on the whole island from 6AM to 1PM. Yup!
  2. There is no ATM. Bring the cash you need.
  3. WIFI is not reliable on the island. There are a few spots with WIFI around the island for basic tasks (social networks, e-mails, google…) but don’t expect to download movies!
  4. There is no hospital. There is a small clinic but the resources are limited . We have a pharmacy on the island as well for basic needs. There is a new hospital on Big Corn Island for emergencies, please keep in mind, this is also limited.
  5. There are no shops. There are little stores where you can find very basic stuff but don’t expect to find more specific gear (clothes and shoes, healthcare products, special food etc.). Bring your own!
  6. There are no cars or roads. There are no motor vehicles of any kind, ah silence!  The island is easily accessible by foot. It will take you more or less 3 hours to walk around the whole island.
  7. There are bugs! It is a tropical area, hot and humid. The Lighthouse is the farthest point from the swamp and receives permanent breeze which protects us from many bugs but there are still insects around.

There is no WIFI at the Lighthouse! Here’s why…

We used to offer WIFI to our guests but we decided to stop it to encourage better connection between our guests. We want a place where people socialize, play, sing, laugh, share their stories and make their dreams come true! Disconnect with your device to connect with us! There is always a good vibe at the Lighthouse.



November 2017 – September 2018

Price in USD per night – Breakfast not included

3 nights stay minimum for high season.

Option to add a single mattress in Amigos cabanas for $15/night.

Cabin Type High Season Low Season
Private Pareja $65 $45
Private Amigos $75 $55
Dorm (per bed) $18 $15

High Season: December 15th – May 30th

Low Season: Rest of the year

Annual closure: October 1st – November 15th



We take only reservations by e-mail at

To make the booking process fast and easy, make sure that you mention in the first e-mail what type of cabin you’d like, the number of people and your check-in date and check out date. We’ll reply as soon as we can with all the information you need to finalize your reservation.

Please read carefully our Reservation/Cancellation Policy at the end of this page.



If you’d rather talk to our staff, call Romain at +505-8403-6189. He’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Be sure to check the time zone before dialing!



The Lighthouse is a small hotel aimed at providing personalized attention to our guests, therefore scheduling and booking is essential. Please read the details below carefully before sending your confirmation pre- payment. By submitting your confirmation pre-payment you agree to and are acknowledging that you will abide by our reservation and cancellation policies. Policies may change without notice.


• Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Due to the constraints of living on an island we do not give refunds in the event of changed travel plans, late arrivals or early departures. For this reason we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance. Please be aware that we are not responsible for weather (including severe tropical weather such as tropical storms or hurricanes), airline schedules, pangas, personal trip planning, government actions, personal health emergencies, village power and/or events out of our control, so choose your travel insurance wisely.

Travel insurance is also important here as there is NO hospital on Little Corn Island and the health care system in Nicaragua- especially the Corn Islands- is likely not as equipped as your home country.

• We accept ONLY Paypal to receive the deposit. The contact information is sent by e-mail as soon as we set up your stay. If you don’t have an account, you can create one with no fee in less than 5 minutes. Depending on how you send the deposit to us Paypal may incur charges. Please make sure to choose the best method of transfer and ensure Lighthouse receives the correct amount. If Lighthouse does not receive the full deposit amount the balance will be charged to you upon check-in.

• The deposit is required to confirm your reservation and will need to be sent within 48 HOURS of receiving your e-mail containing arrival date and time. Failure to provide the deposit within the 48 hours time frame will result in your cabin being released to the public. If you wish to reserve but need longer than 48 hours, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


• The remaining balance of your hotel bill is payable and due at CHECK-IN.

• The methods of payment we accept on site are CASH (USD, EUR – clean, not torn, written on or marked – and NIO) or PAYPAL. There is a 5% extra fee for any Paypal transaction. No other types of payment are accepted.

LATE ARRIVAL: If you fail to arrive on the day of check-in without prior contact, we will consider your reservation void, resulting in the loss of your reservation and deposit. If you contact us the day of your original check-in or the days before, we will hold your booking. For nights not used, you will only pay 50% of the rate (included in your deposit). Nights used will be paid as normal. No additional penalty will be incurred.

EARLY DEPARTURE: As the remaining balance of your hotel bill is due at check-in, if you decide to leave earlier than your original check-out, we will not refund the nights you will not use.

We appreciate your understanding of the limits of a remote island life and will endeavor to ensure you have the best possible experience while here on Little Corn Island.