Things to do

There are lots of things to do on Little Corn Island; below are some of them…


What better way to start the day is a Yoga class on our breezy deck facing the ocean and enjoying the view? Nothing! Our trained and experienced, Yoga Alliance Certified instructors will help you connect with your breath, move and feel your best in the morning. Never done yoga before? Don’t worry! We cater to all levels and offer the most affordable price on the island!

Check our schedule and rates at check-in. 

For more Yoga, glance at our Yoga partner’s website: Funk Yoga 



Sharks, rays, turtles, barracuda, lobster, moray eels, sea stars, multi-colored fish, multi-shaped corals… What an easy way to discover the wonderful marine world around the island! Grab a mask, snorkel and fins and go for a swim above the coral reef and spot everything.

We organize Snorkeling tours only with local people who have a strong experience of the sea, the island and how to take care of people concerning customer service and safety. They are very proud of their island and want to share it with you!

Check the schedule and rates at check-in.




Spend your day with local fishermen who pride themselves on their abilities to help you catch the biggest fish and will even cook it for you on the beach for dinner.

Ask us upon arrival and we’ll put you in contact with them.


Island Trip

The highlight of your stay! Combine different activities at the same time to experience a whole day with islanders!

Start at 11 AM by catching your lunch! You’ll try local style fishing for 1 or 2 hours. Who’s going to catch the most? When the basket’s full, chill on a postcard beach while your guides are cooking your lunch, 100% local! Cold beer, delightful food, music, games, coco loco… Do your own Beach Party! In the afternoon, jump back on the boat and go snorkeling. Spot turtles, sharks, rays, barracudas and so much more! Then navigate west to catch the sunset from the boat. Make sure there are no more beers in the cooler! When it gets dark, it’s time to go back to the hotel for a rest before dinner, drinks and more fun.

Check schedule and rates at check-in.



Scuba Diving

Do you feel frustrated by snorkeling? Change your perspective, breath underwater, get closer to marine wildlife, stay down longer, “fly like a bird” at depth by trying Scuba Diving! With the 4 hours Discovery Program, the dream comes true!

If you want to dive more, everywhere in the world, for a lifetime, get certified! Little Corn Island is one of the most affordable places in the world to do so. With its 2 main dive centers, both PADI 5* registered, the island provides quality training in paradise with all safety standard requirements respected. From the basic Open Water to the first professional level Divemaster, everyone can continue his education and develop his experience.

For those who are already certified and would just like to explore the beauties of the underwater surroundings of the island, the dive shops offer Fun Boat Diving supervised by professional guides.

More information on our Diving partner’s Facebook Page: Dive Little Corn

Dive Little Corn offers a 5% discount to our guests.

Photo credit: All underwater pictures below were shot by Dive Little Corn


Kite Surfing

The east side of the island offers a nice steady wind to pull your kite all day! Average wind speed is 18-20knots, with maximum around 33Knots. The flat water area and the regularly maintained clean beach make Little Corn Island the perfect spot for learning, with onshore currents and cross-onshore wind, without too many people to get in your way. For the most experienced and adventurous, test yourself on the breaking waves closed to the reef!

More information on our Kite Surfing partner’s website: Kite Little Corn


Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

Glide over the crystal clear water with ease on your kayak or paddleboard! Go discover hidden coves and deserted bays non accessible by land. Very affordable, relaxing, smooth workout, freedom, different perspectives… The experience is worth it!

Ask us at check-in where to get your gear!